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Advanced Labeling Automation with ChatGPT, SAM & Kili Technology

A hands-on tutorial on generating pre-annotation, QA plugins & integrating the SAM model with ChatGPT to accelerate your data labeling & quality monitoring

Replay Webinar

ChatGPT & Large Language Models are considered tools that can boost the training of your ML models.

In the second webinar of this series, we’ll put theory into practice on how you can use LLMs to operationally assist you in the labeling of your training datasets, in the monitoring of dataset quality, and all-in-all in the training of your ML models.

With demos done live, we’ll build together:

  • the ChatGPT pre-annotations of text and image projects with the Segment Anything Model (SAM)
  • the generation of a QA program to monitor and improve the quality of your labeling
  • the orchestration of these tasks into efficient end-to-end labeling workflows

Junior ML engineer or a seasoned data scientist? Come and join us on April 27th!

Edouard d'Archimbaud
paul graffan

Edouard d'Archimbaud
CTO at Kili Technology

Paul Graffan
Solution Engineer at Kili Technology