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AI in Manufacturing

How AI can fuel your Defect Detection System

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Current methods for defect detection are no longer efficient.

But how can manufacturers throw them away and enter into the Fourth Industrial Revolution?  The answer is: by quitting manual defect detection for AI Visual Inspection System. 


The Data-Centric AI approach broken down in this eBook brings improvements:

  • 10x faster computer vision applications building;
  • 65% less time to deploy an application;
  • 40% up in yield and accuracy increase.  

If any of these concerns ring a bell, this ebook on u
sing AI to fuel Defect Detection System is for you!


By reading this ebook, you’ll get:

  • How to implement an AI Visual Inspection System
  • Detailed defect detection use cases
  • An actionable guide to kicking off your AI project for visual inspection

More and more products are powered by machine learning. That’s why it's [capital] to think about ethics and to make sure [its] impact [is] positive.“

Clément Delangue,
Co-founder & CTO
@Hugging Face

“Our Data-centric approach to AI has helped us achieve a categorization of our own categories that is accurate in more than ninety-five percents of the videos.”

Andrea Colonna,VP AI

But the real-world experience of those who put them into production shows that (...) it's often the quality of data (...) that makes your AI project succeed or fail.”

Edouard D'Archimbaud, Co-founder & CTO @Kili Technology

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Labeling Platform for High-quality Data
One tool to label, find and fix issues, simplify DataOps,
and dramatically accelerate the build of reliable AI