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Excel Template

How to Choose your Data Labeling Platform in 2024? 

A comprehensive checklist to choose the best platform for your organization's needs

The budget and technical constraints, as also the variety of stakeholders, make the process of finding the right data labeling platform for your organization tricky.

To help you navigate these pitfalls, download our free Excel template to part the mandatory from the superfluous features of a data labeling solution, and deepen your understanding of what your company really needs.

By downloading this 100% actionable template, you’ll: 

  • get a very clear understanding of all the features or services offered by a data labeling platform;
  • save time in writing your specifications to be sent to a data labeling software publisher;
  • collaborate and allow your teammates to add their inputs to the document;
  • ensure you make the right decision by prioritizing what truly brings value to your team.


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