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Streamline your data labeling operations

Insurance companies trust Kili Technology to accelerate the creation of the highest-quality datasets all within top security standards.

Trusted by Europe's Top Insurance Companies

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Label any dataset at scale

Transform unstructured data 10x faster.

Annotate unstructured data rapidly and accurately with customizable tasks and an advanced UX. Automate labeling to save time with AI-powered tools and custom model predictions.

Document Annotation with OCR

Document Annotation with OCR

Content Extraction
Content Extraction from ESG Reports
Accident Detection & Image Classification
Accident Detection & Image Classification
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Verbatim Multiclassification
Damage Assessment through Satellite Imagery
Damage Assessment through Satellite Imagery

Effortlessly achieve top-tier data quality

Less time spent fussing over data quality equals more time saved building your ML applications

 Fully automate & build custom quality workflows to scale your labeling operations. Oversee quality level to ensure low-error datasets. Fix identified quality, bias, or imbalance issues in your dataset. Quantify quality with insights from advanced quality metrics. 

The most secure data labeling pipeline

The highest security certifications and standards to keep your data safe and private

Kili Technology offers cloud and on-premise solutions for enterprises concerned about data privacy. Use sophisticated organization options to customize members, roles, and access levels across multiple projects. 

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Hear from our clients

Learn more from Covéa which had a complex labeling project involving multiple data types

After switching from an in-house tool to Kili Technology, Covéa was able to get rid of a massive amount of technical debt. They are now using the platform on nine more ML projects requiring complex labeling of different data types, shipping their models faster than ever.

"With the choice of Kili, we are much more confident about the future. We decided to eliminate a large part of the technical debt by choosing a solution that will be perfectly mastered across a whole range of data science and AI projects."

- Philéas Condemine
Lead Data Scientist at Covea

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Labeling Platform for High-quality Data
One tool to label, find and fix issues, simplify DataOps,
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