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O'Reilly Ebook: Training Data for Machine Learning

                                                      Human supervision from annotation to data science

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Master the craft of preparing training data to turbocharge your machine-learning efforts with our all-inclusive e-book.

The realm of AI and machine learning is filled with challenges and opportunities. The secret sauce to a successful AI application? Superior training data. This e-book is your ultimate guide to understanding and utilizing data labeling in the context of machine learning.


  • In-depth Knowledge: Get a fresh perspective on training data, envisioning it as a dynamic programming language - human cognition translated into consumable data nuggets for your machine learning models.
  • Hands-on Strategies: Decode the intricacies of the real world as you acquire, classify, and label data for optimal supervised learning. Discover how to sift the gold from the gravel, and avoid pitfalls that could jeopardize your AI projects.
  • Stay at the Forefront: With AI continuing to advance, understanding training data tooling is no longer optional - it's a necessity. This e-book gives you the know-how to master these potent, ever-changing tools and stay in the vanguard of your industry.

Download the e-book today, brought to you by Kili, in collaboration with O’Reilly and let your journey into the world of effective data labeling begin!


More and more products are powered by machine learning. That’s why it's [capital] to think about ethics and to make sure [its] impact [is] positive.“

Clément Delangue,
Co-founder & CTO
@Hugging Face

“Our Data-centric approach to AI has helped us achieve a categorization of our own categories that is accurate in more than ninety-five percents of the videos.”

Andrea Colonna,VP AI

But the real-world experience of those who put them into production shows that (...) it's often the quality of data (...) that makes your AI project succeed or fail.”

Edouard D'Archimbaud, Co-founder & CTO @Kili Technology

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