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Product Live Demo

 A 45-minute session not to miss out on our latest product release, features updates, and more! 

March 30th, 2023  - 5:00 p.m CEST / 11:00 a.m EDT - English

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"We have to spend a lot of time preparing high-quality data before we train the model. Just as a chef would spend a lot of time to source and prepare high-quality ingredients before they cook a meal, a lot of the emphasis of the work in AI should shift to systematic data preparation.“

Andrew Ng
Co-Founder @Google Brain
Founder @Coursera

"Even after 4 years I still haven't "solved" labeling workflows. Labeling, QA, final QA, auto-labeling, error-spotting, diversity massaging, labeling docs & versioning, ppl training, escalations, data cleaning, throughput & quality stats, etc."

Andrej Karpathy
Senior Director

But the real-world experience of those who put them into production shows that (...) it's often the quality of
data (...) that makes your AI project succeed or fail.”

Edouard D'Archimbaud
Co-founder & CTO
@Kili Technology

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Labeling Platform for High-quality Data

One tool to label, find and fix issues, simplify DataOps,

and dramatically accelerate the build of reliable AI